Laser Micro Cutting

  • KMLT® specializes in high-precision laser cutting with extremely low burr formation.

  • Our special machinery is predestined for the production of precision parts from almost all possible metals, precious metals and alloys in material thicknesses from 0.005 mm to 3.0 mm.

  • Depending on the part geometry and material properties, production tolerances of up to ±3 µm can be achieved. These can be verified by a measurement report.

  • The main customers for our laser work include microelectronics/electronics, optical and precision engineering, medical technology, the watch and luxury goods industry, precision mechanical engineering, the automotive sector and research and development.

  • We supply parts for mechanical watches, spring elements, shielding plates, calibration masks, fitting rings, shims and precision raw parts of all kinds, both as single parts as well as in large batches.

Sheet metal processing

Machine type A Machine type BMachine type CMachine type D
Cutting area:720 mm x 600 mm200 mm x 200 mm500 mm x 500 mm1000 mm x 1000 mm
Manufacturing tolerances:up to ±5 µmup to ±3 µmup to ±3 µmup to ±25 µm
Steel / stainless steel50 µm to 800 µm 5 µm to 3 mm 5 µm to 3 mm 10 µm to 3 mm
Aluminium---100 µm to 3 mm100 µm to 3 mm100 µm to 3 mm
Copper/bronze---100 µm to 2 mm100 µm to 2 mm100 µm to mm
Brass--- 10 µm to 1 mm 10 µm to 1 mm 10 µm to 1 mm
Titan--- 5 µm to 2 mm 5 µm to 2 mm 10 µm to 2 mm

Tube processing

Machine type BMachine type C
Cutting area:200 mm x 200 mm500 mm x 500 mm
Manufacturing tolerances aperture:±50 µm / ±3 µm±50 µm / ±3 µm
Manufacturing tolerances for cutting to length:±100 µm±100 µm
Steel / stainless steel5 µm to 3 mm5 µm to 3 mm
Aluminum100 µm to 3 mm100 µm to 3 mm
Copper/bronze100 µm to 2 mm100 µm to 2 mm
Brass10 µm to 1 mm10 µm to 1 mm
Titan5 µm to 2 mm5 µm to 2 mm
Nickel5 µm to 2 mm5 µm to 2 mm
Wolfram5 µm to 1 mm5 µm to 1 mm
Precious metals5 µm to 1 mm5 µm to 1 mm
Pipe processing
max. processing length:approx. 150 mmapprox. 400 mm
max. through hole:13 mm19 mm
max. clampable outside diameter:40 mm25 mm
min. clampable outside diameter:1 mm1 mm