Laser Marking

  • Whether it's marking or engraving, the laser is the perfect tool for marking nearly all materials.

  • The processing is done without mechanical stress. The result is permanent and long-lasting.

  • Logos, characters, images, consecutive serial numbers, scales, barcodes, QR codes, and Data Matrix codes can be placed on your product using this method.

  • With fine line widths starting from approximately 15µm, we can handle even high optical demand projects in the design of luxury goods such as mechanical watches or writing instruments.

  • At the same time, the machine park allows for larger, even wrap-around scale markings or seamless processing of front panels.

  • We process components, depending on the machine, with dimensions of up to 870 x 475 x 375 (x/y/z in mm) and a maximum weight of 30kg.

  • For the rotational processing of cylindrical parts, various motorized rotary axes are available.


Hard and thick coatings can also be removed to create a text or marking. Chrome or powder coatings are vaporized from the surface of the component using the laser. The resulting contrast between the surface and the material’s base color is clear and aesthetically pleasing. The same applies to anodized aluminum, where the ultra-thin, approximately 5…25µm anodized layer is triggered.

  • Various types of ceramics, glass, wood, and leather can also be engraved or marked using the laser.

  • In case of uncertainty, you can have your material tested for laser processing capability at our facility.