Laser Marking / Laser Engraving

  • Whether marking or engraving: the laser is the perfect tool for marking almost all materials.
    The marking is done without mechanical stress. The result is permanent.

  • Our laser systems are designed for industrial applications and have a high level of precision. A wide variety of materials (metals, light and dark plastics, including PMMA, organic materials such as leather or wood, glass, ceramics, etc.) are marked in the highest quality and with a high level of contrast.

  • The spectrum of our machines includes CO2 lasers, Nd:YAG lasers, fiber and diode lasers in various wavelengths: UV lasers (THG), green lasers (SHG), infrared lasers... and different power classes.

  • Logos, characters, images, consecutive serial numbers, scales, barcodes, QR and data matrix codes can be placed on your product.

  • Exclusive branded products from the world's largest luxury goods manufacturers: With the finest laser spot diameters from approx. 15 µm, we process highly demanding orders, such as parts for mechanical watches or fine writing instruments from famous manufacturers.

  • Various motorized rotary axes are available for marking cylindrical parts, such as for scaling rings.
    Our machinery enables us to machine larger front plates or very precise scales without the need for a set-off.

  • Depending on the machine, we process components up to a size of 870 x 475 x 375 (x/y/z in mm) and up to a maximum of 30 kg.

Laser Marking

Laser Engraving