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Why Laser?

Laser is a versatile tool. Laser light is used to mark, separate, structure, fuse and weld. Especially in micromachining, this form of sharply bundled optical radiation hardly knows an equivalent alternative. Material is optimally exploited, processed gently, tool costs are eliminated and the smallest geometries can be mapped.

For more than 33 years, KMLT® has been the partner for reliable contract manufacturing in the demanding field of ultra-precision laser manufacturing.

Our Services
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Laser Micro Cutting

We cut precision parts from a variety of conceivable metals, precious metals and alloys from a material thickness of 0.005 mm to 3.0 mm. Our specialization enables cuts with very little burr formation and the highest level of accuracy.

Depending on the geometry of the part and the material properties, manufacturing tolerances of up to ±3 µm can be achieved and can be documented in a report. We manufacture mechanical watch parts, spring elements, shielding plates, masks, fitting rings and precision tube parts of all kinds, both as individual parts and in series.

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Laser Micro Welding

The laser is the predestined tool for non-contact joining of metals and metal alloys. In this way, components can be welded without distortion using points or seams, even in places that are difficult to access. We process small parts with a tendency towards miniatures in the available working area (approx. 188 mm x 160 mm x 200 mm).

Our system is suitable for prototypes, individual parts and small series for customers in precision engineering, sensor technology, electronics / electrical engineering, medical technology.

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Laser Marking

Whether lettering or engraving: the laser is the perfect tool for marking almost all materials.

Processing takes place without mechanical stress. The result is permanent.
Logos, characters, images, consecutive serial numbers, scales, barcodes, QR and data matrix codes can be placed on your product in this way. With the finest line widths from approx. 15 µm, we can even carry out orders with high visual demands in the design of luxury goods (mechanical watches, exclusive writing instruments).

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Laser Label

Based on the individual templates of our customers, we produce forgery-proof special labels for almost all areas.

Special foils that can be written on with the laser are the starting material for the production of these high-quality, non-destructively removable high-performance labels, which are characterized by temperature, climate and chemical resistance as well as extreme abrasion resistance.

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Precision Stencils

Laser-cut metal stencils are required, among other things, in the industrial production of electronic assemblies when applying solder paste. Depending on the customer's technical requirements, these are usually manufactured as frameless sheet metal with perforations for a quick-release system. Alternatively, the stencil can also be permanently fixed in a metal frame.

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Electropolishing 2D
Measuring of small parts

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