Laser Label

tesa Laser Label
  • Laser labels from KMLT®.
    These are special labels for almost all areas of the economy: nameplates, warning signs, information signs, inspection stickers, so-called document-proof seals... in any shape and size.
    tesa® Laser Label 6930: The ideal inventory label!

  • The development of these labels is based on a cooperation project between a leading laser manufacturer at the time, Beiersdorf AG (tesa®) and the automotive industry with the intention of obtaining a forgery-proof, flexible and permanent marking option with the laser in the automobile.

  • Such special films are the base material for the manufacturing of these non-destructively removable high-performance labels.
    More than 6 million labels leave our production facility every year for the automotive industry alone.

  • The special features include resistance to temperature, climate and chemicals as well as extreme abrasion resistance. We only supply branded products from tesa® and 3M laser markable label material 7847.

  • Your advantage with our labels: constant availability, production according to individual specifications, from batch size 1, very short delivery times.